Award Winning 22 Salute Spirits and Coffee Created to Help Veterans Thrive

22 Salute™ Spirits & Coffee is a socially conscious enterprise that sells award-winning premium vodka and high-quality coffee with a mission to improve the lives of veterans and first responders by focusing on their needs. The company was co-founded in 2021 by Eric Ranks, the son of a Vietnam veteran who served in both the Army and the Air Force. Ranks created 22 Salute™ to help improve the lives of veterans nationwide.

The company is paired with a nonprofit, The Veterans Connection, which aims to connect veterans and first responders to a supportive community, empower them, and minimize their stress. The nonprofit also helps align them with alternative healing solutions to maintain positive mental health and reduce the suicide rate. 22 Salute™ has helped acquire service dogs for veterans in need and will be releasing an app in the coming months for veterans and first responders that will provide community, mental health support, and tools to help process grief.

22 Salute™ Vodka 'With A Purpose'™ has received numerous accolades, including a Double Gold Award at the Tag Global Spirits Awards in Las Vegas. Food & Beverage Magazine also featured 22 Salute™ Vodka 'With a Purpose'™ in their 2023 Products to Watch list. The vodka undergoes 22 rounds of charcoal filtration, resulting in unparalleled smoothness and a crisp, clean taste. Each distinct 1-liter bottle is designed to contain 22 1.5 oz 'Salute Shots'™, making every celebratory toast with friends more meaningful and impactful.

In addition to their vodka, 22 Salute™ Coffee is a South Texas mesquite-smoked coffee that tantalizes the taste buds with its robust flavors. The coffee is available in Dark Roast, Medium Roast, and the delectable Texas Pecan variety, crafted from the finest-grade coffee beans.

22 Salute™ is a social enterprise with a Veterans first initiative selling Veteran-made Spirits 'With A Purpose'™ and South Texas Mesquite Smoked coffee 'With A Purpose'™. They utilize made in America, Veteran-owned suppliers and are committed to hiring Veterans whenever possible. 22 Salute™, LLC is focused on giving back to the Veteran & first responder communities by donating a portion of their profits to The Veterans Connection, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit focused on Veteran & First Responder mental health & suicide prevention.

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