"22 Salute™ Vodka Launches in Utah: Discover Your New Local Favorite Spirit"

We are thrilled to announce that 22 Salute™ Vodka is now available for purchase in the State of Utah at DABS Liquor Store, a local institution owned and operated by the State. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to bring our unique spirit to a wider audience and serve our home community in this new way.
As Eric Ranks, CEO of 22 Salute™, expressed, "It's an honor to support our local community here in Utah. We've always felt our military is embraced by the warmth and respect, and we are confident they will support our brand and the impact we're striving to make.

22 Salute™ was founded by three Veteran dependent individuals with deep ties to Northern Utah, and it's always been our mission to give back to the community that's given us so much. The launch of our vodka in this region is just another step in that ongoing journey.

You can find 22 Salute™ Vodka at your local DABS Liquor Store, or locate a store near you by visiting More information about our brand, mission and store locator is available on our website at

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to share our 'Vodka With a Purpose'™ with you. Here's to good spirits, good company, and a future filled with purpose. Cheers!