22 Salute Vodka featured by Food & Beverage Magazine Editor's Top Picks: Wine & Spirits


In the ever-evolving world of spirits, 22 Salute™ is a trailblazing brand that combines exceptional quality products with a powerful social mission. Their Double Gold winning Vodka ‘With A Purpose’™ is crafted to perfection, earning its accolades at international spirits competitions. This smooth, premium vodka serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise of the veterans who make it. But 22 Salute™ is more than just exceptional taste. This remarkable brand, a veteran dependent and minority owned company, stands out for its unwavering commitment to supporting veterans and first responders. A portion of each sale goes to a nonprofit that provides mental health and suicide prevention resources, making every purchase a meaningful contribution. Choose 22 Salute™ and become part of a brand that makes a positive impact. Celebrate their commitment to quality and innovation, while backing the brave individuals who keep us safe. Taste the difference and make a difference with 22 Salute™.