22 Salute Texas Pecan Coffee 'With A Purpose'

22 Salute Coffee, Texas Mesquite Smoked, Texas Pecan, Specialty Arabica Coffee, 12oz bag, Ground

Experience a symphony of flavors with our Smoked Texas Pecan Coffee. This exceptional blend starts with premium Honduran Limpira coffee, then expertly roasted to a medium profile with pecan shells. The beans are further infused with Pecan oil, enhancing their inherent flavors. Adding to the allure of this blend is a distinct touch of Texas: the beans are smoked with Texas Mesquite wood during the roasting process, infusing them with a unique Texan essence. Every sip of our Smoked Texas Pecan Coffee takes you on a delightful flavor journey, celebrating the rich, smoky notes of Texas Mesquite and the depth of pecan-infused coffee.

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Bean Style
Please Note
*Roasted with Pecans and Infused with Pecan Oil